About the Council

Our Mission

The North Central Connecticut Emergency Medical Services Council, Inc. (NCCEMSC) is a non-profit corporation charged by the Statues and Regulations of the State of Connecticut to: plan, establish, coordinate and administer the development of an efficient emergency medical services system and to perform any functions which may be necessary or proper to contribute to the attainment of the highest quality emergency medical services (EMS) for the people of North Central Connecticut.

NCCEMS also owns and operates North Central CMED, the Regional Emergency Medical Services Communications Center. CMED, which is an acronym for Coordinated Medical Emergency Direction is funded entirely by participating cities and towns. These funds are devoted to CMED Operations.

The Council accomplishes its statutory responsibilities through the coordinated actions of several standing committees and ad hoc task forces which are composed of volunteer members from within the North Central Region. Policies developed by these Committees are approved by the Executive Committee and subsequently ratified by the Board of Directors. They are then implemented by the administrative staff of the Council.

Council Profile

Board of Directors
The Council's Board of Directors is composed of individuals from the North Central Region who represent a cross section of EMS expertise and individuals whose activities are significantly affected by regional EMS policies. The Board meets biannually to review the activities of the Council and ratify the actions of the Executive Committee. In addition, Board Members regularly provide input to the Council Staff.

The Board of Directors currently includes representation in the following categories: local government, EMS providers (commercial and volunteer), health professionals (physician, nursing and administration), fire protection, law enforcement, higher education, planning agencies and consumers. Although most interest groups are adequately represented in the Board membership, the Council maintains a policy of encouraging membership for anyone who feels under represented and is willing to make an active contribution to the development of regional EMS.

President: Kim Aroh
Vice President: Margaret Letitia 
Secretary:James Santacroce
Treasurer: Charles Motes
Immediate Past President: Daniel Tauber

Executive Committee
The Executive Committee comprises the Officers of the Board of Directors, the Chairpersons of each of the Council's Standing Committees and the immediate Past President of the Council. The Executive Committee reviews and approves the actions of the Standing Committees, establishes goals and policies for the Council and implements them by directing the activities of the Standing Committees and the EMS Director.

  Kim Aroh
Vice Chair:  Margaret Letitia

Standing Committees

The Standing Committees of the North Central Connecticut EMS Council are the focus of much of the Council's activities. The various Committees review, evaluate and revise the EMS delivery system for the Region during regularly scheduled meeting and through the development of regional policies and procedures. In addition, their tasks include the review and approval of education, certification and medical services applications at the EMS provider level. Care is taken to ensure that Committee members represent an adequate cross-section of groups that can substantially contribute to the particular task of each committee. All regular committee meetings are open to the public and input from interested parties is welcome.

Communications Committee
This committee oversees the long term planning and coordination of the North Central CMED Communications System· Members are appointed by the chief elected official of the CMED member community which they are representing.

Chair: Chuck Motes - Acting Chair
Vice Chair:  Open   

Educational Standards Committee
This committee reviews training standards for EMS educational programs in the Region. They coordinate paramedic continuing education through the CONCERT Program and also participate in public education awareness programs.

Chair: Melissa Osborne
Vice Chair: David Bailey  

Mass Casualty Care Committee
This committee was developed to assist in the preparation of responding to any type of Mass Casualty Incident (MCI). We offer assistance in the scheduling of educational programs that would keep departments current with the most up-to-date training resources available, assist in the planning of mass casualty training exercises and serve as evaluators during these exercises.

Chair: Open       

Medical Advisory Committee
Medical Advisory Committee reviews regional protocols, policies and procedures for the accuracy of their medical content. Committee membership is made up of Emergency Department Directors, Nurse Managers and EMS Coordinators of the ten acute care hospitals in the North Central Region.

Chair: Charles Johndro, MD
Vice Chair: Michael Soltis, MD

Nominating Committee
This committee meets yearly to develop a slate of candidates for the membership and officers of the Board of Directors of the North Central Connecticut EMS Council.

Chair: Lewis A. Pillsbury

Quality Improvement Task Force
This committee conducts case reviews and program audits to determine the quality of prehospital care delivery. A paramedic subcommittee conducts peer review.

Chair: Open   

Legislative and Strategic Planning Committee